Monday, March 30, 2009


desensitization, indeed all such theaters of cruelty, and
confrontational circuses, despite their radical ideology, only thrust
the capitalist form further into people's heads. Benjamin's
conclusion was simply that as this unavoidable disciplining could
not be effectively opposed on its own terms, it was therefore to be
hoped that the always decreasing distance between workers and
industrial machinery would somehow facilitate the workers'
expropriation of the machines.

Stop thinking Expressivity, start thinking Transcendence

It also goes without saying that we unconditionally support all
forms of liberated mores, everything that the bourgeoisie or
bureaucratic scum call debauchery. It is obviously out of the
question that we should pave the way for the revolution of
everyday life with asceticism.
SI (questionnaire)

The non-fragmented life. If ideas of subjective resistance to capital
have eventually become infantalised under pressure of terrible and
continued defeat, a petulant 'shan't' to authority's sternly ordered
'shall', easily enclosed and even useful to the funding bids of social
management agencies then the organization of alternatives to
capital calamitously misplace all conceptions of generality. It is
one things to set your group up as a negatively defined element
withing the field of social forces, and even this has potential for error
and self-misunderstanding, but to seek to organize something that
embodies a going beyond capitalism, a making of the future in the
present, a guide to how things might be, is fated to end as just one
of the multitudinous forms of social being compatible with the
capitalist base.

Since the early Nineteenth Century there have been attempts at
village communities of decided ideology, communes and the like.
They have all failed, either because they betrayed their expressed
values for the price of expediency or, more importantly, they failed
to break out of their restricted situation and became resigned to a
peripheral status as an alternative. A terrible alternative idea of
stasis was introduced: that the radical minority could gain for itself
what it wanted but only for a short period and over a small area.
The small unit, which sustained itself in opposition to the
generality, and whose end became only continued realization

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