Friday, April 17, 2009


capital, they are all inclined in one direction, they are the
inevitable penny in the charity collection bin that swirls down a
funnel and into someone else's pocket - they are all commodities
all of the time.

Next section but keep thinking Expressivity

The conditions for mass culture were organized during the war,
total mobilization in produced in individuals a state receptivity to
readymade cultural forms. When we talk, just like in The Singing
, we talk in forms of popular song; we dream, as the
Pet Shop Boys observed, of the queen; everybody in the army
knew someone who was as funny as Bob Hope; tourism is based
on GI's encountering foreigners (Guy Mitchell's She Wears Red
) Frank Sinatra on a warship, Fred Astaire cutting a dash
through Parisian existentialism.

Expressivity, the speaking, thinking and feeling of readymade
forms is determined by the maximization of the commodity form, all
social objects come with a copyright. We cannot express anything
that is not already in circulation as expression or potential
expression, what we add is what the media say advertisers call,
word of mouth, personal commitment, buying into; the internet is
the systematization of word of mouth. And this is why the
concepts of culture and working class consciousness are now
moribund. In terms of expression everything is bound, nothing is

At various points popular culture runs up against resistance to it its
amphitheaterization of forms, it is here that it pulls on its radical
trousers and rages at incursions of freedom of speech or the
respective practices of some previously obscure elitism. This
happens less now, most barriers are down and popular culture has
achieved some kind of militaristic uniformity, violinists dress sexy,
we all like different songs but essentially it is the same music.
Nevertheless, an 'Indian Reservation' is designated within capital's
integrated geography for the function of rebellious expression

Capitalism demonstrates its economic mastery of the ideological
concept of 'totalitarianism' by encouraging dissent against its
existing forms, rebellion is the discovery and integration, as niche

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