Saturday, June 6, 2009


Printing organized and paid for by Monsieur Dupont

No ISBN no future

In the old style this book is completely anti-copyright. Please feel
free to use whatever of it you wish, in any way you wish, we would
be especially pleased if you turned it into a West End musical. All
we ask is that you read it carefully, thoughtfully and use it as a tool
for self-reflection. If we truly want to get beyond the limits of all
politics and all tyrant ideology then we have to understand what is
written in this book.

Monsieur Dupont 2003

Monsieur Dupont can be contacted at[??]

Box A
Mill Road

Or via

Red and Black Notes
PO Box 47643
939 Lawrence Avenue East
Don Mills
M3C 3S7

Also recently published: Wind-down of the Clockwork Lips Available from the above addresses

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