Saturday, June 6, 2009


return of the bourgeoisie or the abolition of all classes and a conscious
move towards communism. The route to communism involves the
abolition of ownership outright and therefore the ending of the
dictatorship and its replacement with a more integrated system of process
by which people's experiences are responded to and stimulated by the
social organization from which they draw their individual identity. The
purpose of communism is the fulfilling of each individual's existence and
their becoming human. Communism is unique in history because there is
no hierarchy and no depth to society, life is lived on a single plane upon
which everything is available to all individuals, thus the levers of power
and therefore of existence itself are immediately apparent and always
close-by. For the first time individuals will be free to make their society
without the pressure of a-forces such as politics or economics
which routinely perceive individuals and masses as function units
within their systemic becoming.

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