Saturday, June 6, 2009


underlay the content and form of the information published was
still badly defined at the start, but as the project developed, it
revealed a sufficiently unified approach among participants even f
participants were very diverse as explained above.
"This tacit agreement expressed itself in the analysis of various
phenomena of the class struggle taking place every day and
placed in the context of a more general understanding of the world.
These phenomena include what many other people think to be
individual forms of protest which are in fact part of a collective
movement (e.g. absenteeism, turnover, refusal of work, etc). This
is necessarily linked to the critique of the existing theories of
modern society.
"To do this, we must have information about these conflicts and
theories. If inside Echanges we sometimes draw different
conclusions from a specific fact or from a set of facts, we still think
that the information which describes these facts should have
certain qualities. Here too, a few simple principles guide our way of
selecting the information published in the bulletin...
"The raison d'etre of the bulletin is directly determined by the
double inadequacy of the official means of information: lack of
information on class conflicts, exaggeration of the importance of
political and economic information (two ways of making reality).
"Hence the double task of looking for information concerning the
experience of struggle of all sorts and of making a meaningful
choice from the mass of political, diplomatic and economical news.
"Class stuggle exists and develops independently of these
"revolutionary groups" or "movements". The level and size of the
so-called "intervention of revolutionary groups in the struggles"
never determine or fundamentally influence the level and size of
working class struggle. We may be individually involved in a
particular struggle or because we participate in one or another of
the host of temporary organisms created during a particular
struggle and for that struggle alone. We consider that outside
these struggles and exchange of information, discussions and the
seeking of theoretical insights are an essential instrument of our
own activity which eventually might serve others as well."

Despite their brilliant, simple and clear wariness of
"consciousness" a problem remains with the approach of

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