Saturday, June 6, 2009


more than a v-sign offered by one who is standing in quicksand.
Underclass delinquency fulfills the function ascribed to it by the
state: it causes life, particularity that lived on the housing schemes,
to be even more constrained than it is already employment.

The working class is nothing but the collective position of those
who are brought closest to the machinery of the capitalist system;
a human function in the capitalist machine; the working class are
the revolutionary body because of, and only because of, their
position in the capitalist economy, they are the one social body that
can close the system down.

From our experience we see the proletariat as being made up of
many individuals, all different, and with just one thing shared by all
of the - they have the same economic position, they all have the
same functional status (labor) and all have the same economic
value (wages). If general circumstances force you to work in an
essential industry (and by essential we mean those industries that
will make the continuation of capitalist society impossible by their
absence) then you are a proletarian, this social status is not
something to be fetishized, it's just a fact. The working class is
merely a function of the capitalist economy. We are interested in
the proletariat only to measure that the proletariat literally has
in its hands the levers of capitalism's power. Only those who can
be effective will be effective.

As for the left, everywhere we see unresurrectable and useless
acts, which no matter the intention connect only with institutions
that were formed ages ago: revolution has become, for too many,
the smashing of mirrors - at the moment this is called anti-
capitalism. There are no revolutionary means of connecting to
society, there are no means of escaping absolute containment by
institutional determinations, except in the locus of production;
factory production is where society's power originates and it is the
only place where it can be directly engaged for certain; outside the
factories all is spectacle, all is mirrors. Every non-productive social
form is more of less unreal and engaging with them in political
terms is always a move into falsity.

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