Saturday, June 6, 2009


We see the retreat by pro-revolutionaries to previous theoretical
fortifications as a complete loss of nerve, and an ugly
conservatism. When all pro-revolutionary theory of the Twentieth
Century was about leaving Lenin, we see this absurd return to
Kremlinism as anti-historical. The truth of our situation is precisely
the impossibility of the return to Lenin. The ambitions of a few in
seeking this reinvention of marxist-leninism, or even the pursuit of
their own taking leave of Lenin, is an attempt to escape addressing
actual historical conditions: it is a mad-eyed flight, a nervous taking
hold of neglected idols. There are no atheists in foxholes indeed.
The point is this: ever year, dozens of pro-revolutionary groups
expire, they go from theorizing themselves as revolutionary
vanguard, bringer of truth, to simple non-existence in months and
get this: the world neither registered their presence nor placed a
stone over their demise. Nobody took any notice, let alone cared.

We are not Lenin, the vari-determined Lenin, (who was only Lenin
because of a long-lived Russian pro-revolutionary milieu which
gave him his meaning and status, and, who was only Lenin
because of the intervention of the German state). Fortunately we,
the pro-revolutionary milieu, are more than Lenin, or less than
Lenin, we can never repeat his entrepreneurial audacity, that
market has been cornered and exhausted. It is possible that we
are nothing but he dying echo of that Bolshevik, that we are
figments of his cross-sectioned mind, we are becoming an
exaggerated periphery, further and further removed from reality,
sent on long ago issued order now irrelevant to the situation, and
as his significance fades and he becomes just another Black
Prince, we find ourselves mere archaeological curiosities. The
pro-revolutionary milieu is becoming irrelevant and we think that
this is a good thing. Our ineffectiveness means we escape the
damnation incurred by all those who impose themselves and do
not understand that they have been imposed upon by conditions
they have not considered. We, this political milieu, are destined to
become all those groups of the past that laid down and died
because in their vainglorious aspirations to be a historic party
they became irrelevant.

Some talk of "when such a ('revolutionary') movement gets off the
ground", and in this very affirmation demonstrate their reluctance

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