Saturday, June 6, 2009


always becomes the end. We wish for the opposite, for the
movement not to come into existence.

Let's accept it: the pro-revolutionary groups that exist and that will
come into existence will never escape the smallness of their
numbers, there will never be a mass revolutionary movement.
Now it is for us to understand precisely our smallness by
contemplating the smallness of all the small groups that
thought of themselves as a 'party', who equally awarded
themselves the right to talk turkey with the objective, just as we do,
those who called for the masses to join them or for the masses to
join some organization not yet in existence but to be forged out of
our consciousness and their number.

Let us contemplate that call for revolution in the terms it has been
set, and the dearness of the ears to which it was intended. If the
conditions of present reality allowed for a revolutionary movement
it would come into existence because a base of mass social
militancy would produce a receptivity for political messages. Even
so, a self-proclaimed mass revolutionary movement would still be
counter-revolutionary, but we are content that present conditions
have slammed the door on the possibility of such an eventuality.
There is not now and there will not be in the future a revolutionary
movement that is really revolutionary, and to look for it, plant for it,
or organize for it is futile and willfully ignores all past pro-revolutionary
forms and their fate.

The communist milieu will never be more than a few dozen and
each of us in our agitating will never contact more that a few
hundred. The structure of capitalism determines that only a few
dozen people will have revolutionary consciousness under these
conditions. The distribution of, and possibility for, communist
consciousness is something never adequately explored by the left-
communist milieu, which assumes a priori that all may acquire
consciousness as the Catholics believe we might all be saved, or
in the same way as the American dream says we can all be
millionaires. Of this were not so, in our everyday lives without even
trying, we would meet at least five people every week who we
could recruit into our organizations (or informal groupings), every
week our organizations would be growing. That is the necessary

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