Saturday, June 6, 2009


We think this mistakes the symptom for the cause. It fall the
symptoms are put right, that is, if all the nastiness in capitalism is
removed, would that in any way affect capitalism itself? It is a
question that takes us right back to the origin of this discussion on
consciousness. If it is truly believed that before revolution can
occur certain political-institutional reforms have to be set in place
then there is no purpose in being a pro-revolutionary, better to
work to get the reforms done first. We should not hold onto
illusions about the nature of capitalist power, capitalism is
fundamentally not racist, sexists or prejudiced in any form. Anti-
racism is now a specific project of all capitalist political institutions,
autonomists would argue that this is because militant self-
organization has forced this reform onto the capitalists, in fact such
militancy has merely opened up possibilities for capitalist becoming
and its breaking free from traditional social forms. Prejudice and
bigotry impedes the smooth running of production, it, like national
borders, must be altered to serve capital more efficiently (the
reduction of people to ethnic identities which has been the project
of identity militants is a new form of racism which works much
more effectively withing the distributive, state-funded, sphere).

It is not the role of pro-revolutionaries to take up a political position
on prejudice, it is not for us to improve life conditions within the
capitalist form and obscure with side issues the tyranny of the
commodity which goes unchallenged in the competition of identity
markets for funding. However, as individuals, of course it is our
ethical responsibility as human being to oppose bigotry whenever
we encounter it. but we must not confuse our personal ethics with
revolutionary 'movements'.

Another communist has said that, "the socialist revolution has to be
a conscious act which could be described as the people involved
as having 'socialist consciousness'". We certainly agree that the
working class are conscious, that is, awake for 16 out of 24 hours
a day, we agree that the people involved in the revolution are likely
no asleep. But to be conscious and to have 'socialist
consciousness' is not the same thing. To be conscious means to
have you sense fully engaged with you brain and you mind
filled with any old nonsense, socialist consciousness implies the
implementation of a shared set of principles, we think there are

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