Monday, April 27, 2009


to be appreciated in cultural objects and what determines their
character, that is, their distribution, is precisely the mechanism by
which exploitation distracts away any appreciation of the forms
made possible only by its organization.

The unconscious, self-organizing, character of cultural enthusiasm
which proceeds by means of focus on the routines of
inclusivity/exclusivity and neglects the great excursion is like
ignoring the rotation of the planets about the sun whilst theorizing
about the capture of satellites around the Earth. Cultural objects
persist because of the audience they have pulled into their sphere;
they see what the rest of society does not see. From the vantage
point of the chosen object, or through the screen of consciousness
it supplies, the world is always,made up of the mostly indifferent or
openly incredulous on the outside and the special few on the
inside. Fans of Manchester United retain their sense of
specialness, despite their overabundance, because all other
football fans either hate them or are resigned to their existence like
dandruff - this can also be said of the fans of Michael Jackson.
Otherwise enthusiasts are content with their fewness and with the
exquisite finesse by which they may discriminate between almost
identical products: antique porcelain, singing groups, crew of Star
Trek, Pokemon cards. The cult of Ringo is the epitome of
formulaic enthusiasm: too many love John and Paul but I am
different and think Ringo is best, he's cutest, at the airport today there
were thousands of us chanting "We love Ringo".

The way in which men produce their means of subsistence
depends first of all on the nature of the actual means of
subsistence they find in existence and have to produce. This
mode of production must not be considered simply as being the
production of the physical existence of individuals. Rather it is a
definite form of activity of these individuals, a definite form of
expressing their life, a definite mode of life on their part. As
individuals express their life so they are.

The German Ideology

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