Saturday, April 25, 2009


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There is no difference between the organization of object Hear'say
(pop group) and that around the object Tate Modern (art gallery).
But this enthusiasm is not the alleged phenomena of consumerism
(the ufo malaise of modern life), enthusiasm is not materialism,
commercialization of Christmas or any other vain spiritual
grievance (under the surface over which spirituality hovers, there
you shall find money writhing, buried alive). Consumerism doesn't
exist,this alleged avarice is a trick, there is nothing objective in the
organization of enthusiasm but the enactment of workcodes - we
never possess our objects, Microsoft still owns the software in our
computers. Our enthusiasm for the objects of our enthusiasm is
workenergy, or a form of pre-work, speculative work, unpaid for
finishing, distribution, storage - call it slavery as it is not worth a

If work is the adding of something of ourselves to an object under
conditions of force, then our so-called consumerism is, in reality, a
version of labor, it is the work of free-time. Our job is to fill out the
world, to carry the trigger of objects of our enthusiasms to all areas,
to produce new objects or the desires for new objects which may
already have a commodity character or later require its
commodification (the internet is our first example, but every object
has its formal and informal enthusiasm's, its literatures and its
controversies - affects are to be attached, or disengaged or re-
engaged: in terms of productivity, there is no difference between
the program Buffy The Vampire Slayer and my watching it).
Our work in the free-time allotted to us is the production of the
objects our desires will be stimulated by. Driving you car is work,
shopping is work, heading to the town is work, working-out is
work, sorting our rubbish into different bins is work, flushing the
handle is work, getting drunk is work, home computing is work,
watching television is work; other people own these machines and
we are employed to mind them.

(We are working for the film industry when we go, and when we
don't go to watch a film. If we do go, the film will be remade under
a new title; if we don't then the characteristics of the film will be
noted and not used again.) Our gameplaying is training like foxclub
rough and tumble on a grassy bank. We do not do nothing, our

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