Saturday, June 6, 2009


insincere; indeed this name-calling has spread like village
gossip, and no contemplation of our ideas is possible without the
unintelligent repetition of exact wording of this judgment on
our moral lapse and our outsider status before any consideration of
our actual ideas is begun. It is enough to say that there have been
sporadic attempts to have us 'expelled', shut up, and calls for
others not to read our wicked ideas. These disparate communist
tendencies (they rarely agree with each other) area at least united in
their opposition to our critique of all of them!

Most of what appears below was developed in discussion with the
Anarchist Federation (of the UK) and later posted to an
international internet discussion list of communists; both groups
adopted an attitude of hostility towards us; there may be the
occasional reference to these groups in the texts.

It is likely that there are small contradictions in our text, this is
because our ideas are not fixed but float about within a set frame;
we have encountered people who have expressed their hatred of
us by trawling our texts in hope of 'exposing' us, we do not
think this is useful, we are, however, happy to attempt to clarify
anything that seems self-contradictory in correspondence, but
equally, we hope that our correspondence will put some effort in
themselves and think beyond whatever problems they find.

We see ideas as a process and make no claims for the status of
our writing other than it being a 'work in progress'.

Finally, although we have postal address in Cambridge, UK, we
have nothing to do with the academia there, or the dreadful
bohemians who grow like fungi outside its hallowed halls.

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