Saturday, June 6, 2009


the pebbles did not work. Was it not well known that the stones
always made the water rise? In accordance with this law it had
brought stones. Had the laws been suspended? If not then why
had the water not rise? The silly crow could make no sense of it.
Crows may be crafty, industrious, credulous and even thirsty but
they know only one trick on hot, waterless, sun-blistering days. So
the stubborn crow brought more stones. Many more stones. In
fact, so many stones that soon the jar was overflowing with stones
and they began building up beside it but never did one drop of
water rise up to meat that dry and eager beak.

Angry and despairing, the thirsty crow looked ever further afield for
more stones to pile around the jar, it was determined not to give in.
Soon its desire for water was forgotten, it cared for nothing but the
bringing of stone to the jar. In this way the wall beneath the olive
tree grew taller.

It is not certain if this unfortunate crow died of thirst, or if its is how
religion first began.

Introducing Monsieur Dupont

We are two communists who, for several years, have been
engaging with the anarchist and communist milieu in Britain.

Monsieur Dupont is the name we have decided to use for our joint
theoretical activity.

This book is a composite of texts that attempt to outline our
discontent with the concept of consciousness and in particular the
way this concept is generally used by those who regard
themselves as revolutionaries. It follows that these texts are also a
critique of the roles that 'revolutionary experts' and activists have
given themselves.

Unsurprisingly our criticisms of the gestures made by pro-
revolutionary activists (those who are, like us, for communist
revolution) and the assumptions on which they have been based
have caused us to become completely isolated in regard to that
milieu. For undermining the practice that status of political activism
we have been vilified for being ridiculous and slanderous and

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