Saturday, June 6, 2009



This is the fable of the thirsty crow

Long ago in a southern country there lived a crow of determined
character. One hot summer's day this crow was flying over the
baking land of that country and felt the fire of thirst in its throat. It
had flown this way many times before and knew of a river nearby
where it cold safely drink. But when it landed beside the river it
found not even a trickle of water for its need, the river had not
flowed there for many weeks.

the land about was so hot and dry, nobody could hope to find
even a drip of water there, but the thirsty crow had to drink or it
would die for the heat of the day. It hopped desperately about
the river bank in search of water, if only it could just fine one drop,
one drop in that terrible desert, one drop to keep it alive.

The thirsty crow was about to five up its search when it saw with
its black eye a stone jar set on a wall beneath an olive tree. At
once the crow flew to the lowest branch of the tree so it could look
down in the jar, and with excitement it found that the jar did
indeed hold some water.

Quickly the bid hopped onto the wall and thrust its head into the
stone jar but, alas, the water was too shallow and jar too deep,
the water was just out of reach.

Luckily the thirsty crow was an intellectual, it knew that if it knocked
the jar over, the water would soon be absorbed into the dusty
earth. So it became the crafty crow and performed an old trick
known since the beginning of the world by all the crafty, thirsty
crows. In its beak it carried small pebbles from the ground to the
jar. by dropping the pebbles into the jar it would make the level of
the water rise and when the water had risen high enough the crow
would be able to drink. The industrious crow dropped one, two,
several stones into the water, again it tried to drink from the jar but
still its beak did not reach the water. So, it brought more stones,
many more stones, each of them was patiently carried in the thirsty
crow's eak and dripped hopefully into the jar. The crow was at a
loss. It has no explanation. The water did not increase, the trick of

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  1. typo paragraph 3 line 1 "five up"

    beautiful work thank you