Saturday, June 6, 2009



There has been an increasing tendency within the pro-
revolutionary milieu towards theoretical error since the 1960's. it is
our intention to hammer in to the milieu some theoretical nails to
halt this slide. To this end we have produced two essays in the
hope that the trend may be reversed. The first essay deals with
the decline of revolutionary perspective into political activism. It is
our intent to strongly delineate the limits we have observed in
practical activity, revolutionary ambition, the make-up of the
revolutionary subject and the role of the pro-revolutionary minority.
The second essay deals with the manufacture of pseudo-
subjectivities and how they have been contained within capitalism
as elements of its own self-organization and maintenance
(spectacular forms, as the Situationists would say), it also
considers the alleged role of consumerism and the consequences
of prioritizing the anti-capitalist struggle in commercial and financial

Above all it is our intent to restate the character of the real struggle
against capital. Capitalism is not an idea and it cannot be opposed
by ideas or by ideas-driven action. There is no debate to be had
with it, it has no ideas of its own except to say that all ideas are its
own, it has no ideas intrinsic to itself.

Capitalism is, at its most basic level, a social relation of force.
Capitalist society is made up of conflicting forces and it is only at
this level that it can be undone, firstly in the collapse of its own
forces and then in the revolutionary intervention of the proletariat.
If capitalism is to collapse then it will do so at the level of the
relation of economic forces, all of which (for the moment at least),
and including the proletariat, can be said to be capitalist forces. It
is during the collapse that revolutionary ideas begin to take hold.

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