Saturday, June 6, 2009


by workers and capitalist production halted then through the
resulting crack opened up in the structure of capitalist society
humanity may find it possible to assert itself for itself. We therefore
see revolution in two stages: (1) the seizure of production by the
working class in pursuing its self-interest; (2)the collapse of existing
forms of power brought on by the contradiction of working class
ownership. The collapse of established power will bring a new
material base of human society into existence, drawing from this
base the mass of humanity will have the opportunity to remake

How the working class goes about the first stage of the revolution
we can only guess at, but we can surmise that things will follow
similar patterns (positive and negative) to events that have
happened before, and those who have studied such things (pro-
revolutionaries) will bring their ideas (for good or ill - but will
happen, as we can see in history) to the frontline of communist
activity during such times.

It may appear to some readers that our consideration of the
question of consciousness becomes a little obscure in places, a
complete refutation of the concept is quite complex, but is should
always be kept in mind that we are concerned with the second
most basic activity of pro-revolutionaries: the communication of
ideas and the explanation of actions taken. It may also seem that
we are only concerned with old left formations and theories, and
that anti-capitalism as it has recently appeared already outflanks
us by its very modernity. It is true that this text does not attempt to
engage anti-capitalism in the modality of its own language but our
project was begun as an explicit critique of present day anti-
capitalism, and has been continued as a critique with its left-
communist supporters. At all times in our critique, when we refer
to the concept of consciousness we are in fact addressing the
actions of pro-revolutionaries on consciousness: we could equally
use the words 'organization' or 'propaganda', the meaning of the
deployment of which is a conjecture concerning the profound effect
of directionless bodies made by the application of externally
organized catalysts. What we have in our sights are the underlying
motivation and assumptions of pro-revolutionary activists.

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    Is it fair to include "neuroses" along with underlying motivation and assumptions?