Saturday, June 6, 2009


Basic statement

The working class, as the revolutionary body, do not require
consciousness but a peculiar alignment of events, and a series of
causes and effects which produces a specific economic crisis that
ends up with workers holding the levers of production.

The revolution has two stages. The first is this naked, non-
conscious holding of the productive power by the working class (that is
to say, of course, it is conscious and some consequences are
foreseen, there is a clearness of perception and a definite
awareness of relative forces but there is no alignment with the
archetypal codes of political consciousness: "liberty, equality,
fraternity"). We see that the working class arrive at this first level
of revolution by force of circumstance. In defending their own
interest in an increasingly unpredictable world, and with capitalists
bailing out, they end up, almost by chance, in a charge of the
productive economy. We say that their brief period of ownership
will occur by chance because it will not have been actively, or
consciously pursued - the proletariat will have consistently
asserted its own interest and this steady course, when taken with
general economic breakdown, will be enough to cause a
proletarian dictatorship.

A material base will begin to come into existence at this point,
and all human activity will be determined by, and be reflective of
these different conditions. The second stage of revolution is made
by the vast mass of humanity realizing what the essential
proletariat have achieved and then escaping through the hole
created by events. The second phase is about becoming human
and throwing off the economic model entirely, during this period
the working class will cease to exist, as will all social
categorizations, and humanity will organize itself and its
relationship to the material base by itself and for itself.

On the role of consciousness, of course, there is reflection and
understanding of what is happening but it is not consciousness in
the Marxist/Hegelian sense, which we characterize as the co-
ordination of pre-set values among a great many people as a
preliminary stage for engaging with the world. Therefore it is
possible that a world-wide consciousness could come into
existence because of revolution because consciousness is not a

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