Saturday, June 6, 2009


is secondary to a leadership impulse. We see Lenin
everywhere, yes like Banquo's ghost, and a line of kings rising up.
We cannot bury him deep enough and no matter how e pile the
dirt on his head he reappears in every tuppenny-hapenny anarchist
group and communist sect. We are obsessed, this is the job we
have awarded ourselves.

Given the terrible history of the revolutionary movement and its
betrayals of the working class surely it is imperative that every pro-
revolutionary group reaches the level of integrity whereby it is able
to recognize and denounce its organizing tendencies and look for
other ways of acting. We do not say what pro-revolutionary groups
should do, we only say what they should not do; we also say what
we do, we are open to this critique, and welcome it.

Is Lenin on sale again?

When the way is lost the traveler looks up to the heavens, worlds
without number.

When the nightstorm wrecks the ship, the waterspouting survivor
embraces dawn's wavelapping shore.

When the gods fail and the harvest is lost, the good soud stares
into the totem's eyes.

We are searching for signs.

We are waiting for the mute and closed face of the objective to
speak to us.

We desire the affirmation of external forces, let the authority of
history affirm the rightness of our actions, for are our acts not

But only the sound is the winter wind singing in the wire, we are
alone and rudderless.

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