Saturday, June 6, 2009


The dictatorship of the proletariat

We would re-emphasize that we do not see the working class take
over of the factories as a revolution as such but simply the downfall
of capital, we see the revolution (and communist consciousness)
arising after this period of crisis when a a new material base of
reality is coming into existence
: we see revolution as being in two
stages (as we believe, did Marx) and it is in the second stage, the
becoming human stage, that the vast mass of human beings
participate (via consciousness by which we mean
organization/common values, etc, which is determined by the new
material conditions). The occupations of the factories are only a
means and not an end, therefore we are not 'ultra-councilist' as
those who would marginalize us would have it; we do not propose
workers' councils at all, we do not presume to call for any specific
political institution, we leave that to the participants at the time.
We say only that, for capitalist process to be suspended, the
ownership of production must directly pass to the workers, without
any mediation by political institutions or bodies.

Incidentally, by factory workers we mean those employed under
factory conditions and this includes distribution staff etc, we mean
those workers who have the power to stop the economy (this
shop-workers, teachers, politicized groups, the
unemployed, ethnicities and other marginal categories).


Our experience, and the experience of proletarians, is that there is
always more going on in revolutionary groups than the stated aims
and principles and it is this which has so thoroughly cheesed
everyone off with revolutionary consciousness (the reproduction of
leadership structures and authoritarian tendencies). The non-
appearance of consciousness in the working class is its critique of

The absolute refusal of pro-revolutionary groups to recognize the
failure of all pro-revolutionary groups in communicating their
message can only be explained if the communication of messages

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