Saturday, June 6, 2009


other even though we are all more or less saying the same thing
is the final disproof for consciousness, in the same way all the
various religious sects in the world are the final disproof for the
universal message of The Word of God.

Summary and counter-interpretation

Our main critique of the pro-revolutionary groups is simple and is the
form of a question: what do pro-revolutionaries do (and what is the
use of consciousness) when there is no revolution? The answer,
'make revolution', recreates the separation of 'the movement' from
'the people', the cycle of representation, leadership, the
reinstitution of particular cultures as universal objectives begins
again. Whilst the answer, 'build the movement up so it can force
conditions of revolution' merely initiates a cycle of accumulation.

From one perspective it could be argued that we, at MD, are
among the conscious, or the most pro-consciousness in the
pro-revolutionary milieu: we are against the reification of
consciousness, against its every political manifestation, against its
ownership and definition, against its subjective organization by
small groups that have no relation to the revolutionary body but are
related to, determined by, and cannot escape from the economic
base (as is the case for all social entities).

We are pro-consciousness if you understand our arguments as
being carried by the Hegelian stream: from simplicity towards
higher simplicity by route of the complexities of alienation; just as
in Marx, history rise from simple communism, and ends in
communism proper. We are certainly pro-human, and wish to see
the return of humanity to its essence as a simple, that is as a non-
alienated existence. Like Bataille said, as water moving through

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