Saturday, June 6, 2009


may seem that they would never desire to do this, and it is true
they may never want to stop 'capitalism', but desire and
consciousness do not come into it; the workers are forced into
struggle by the very conditions in which they work, it is in their
interest to go against capital because although capital is
dependent on them, it is also hostile to them, that is, it is driven to
cut their wages in real terms (either by redundancies, relocations,
or increased productivity deals). To survive, workers have to
improve or simply maintain their interest within production, so they
are forced into conflict with capital, which has the opposite
intention. This blind pursuit of interest, if followed to its limit, is
enough to bring capital to a crisis.

A recap of our perspective

(1) We do not think there is any role for class 'consciousness', that
is the leadership of the working class by politically motivated
groups in the revolution.

(2) We think pro-revolutionaries do have a role but it is not
generally the role they award themselves (for example, waving
flags, masking their faces, traveling to international cities,
exhibiting the most extreme gestures in the parade of gestures that
are political demonstrations);we see one of our task as to inhibit
those who would lead a revolution, especially those who are
closest to us and claim not to want to lead
; other tasks we have set
ourselves are the creation of tools, tactics and perspectives for use
by others in various critical events, for which we claim no
intellectual property rights.

(3) Our concept of the revolution involves the working class
engaging in a struggle that goes no further than maintaining its
own interest. We advocate the struggle of self-interest because it
cannot fail, we think if it is followed thought to tis end it will in itself
bring capital down because this struggle is situated within
production and the ownership of production is the basis of
capitalist existence; if this direct struggle is not side-tracked by
political mediations it will discover everything Monsieur Dupont has
attempted to articulate over months and years in five minutes and
many times over in many places of the world. The proletariat is

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