Saturday, June 6, 2009


organize by capital, in every place, its situation is always,
everywhere, the same; in direct struggle it will always uncover the
same truths, therefore any further organization would be
superfluous and potentially exploitative.

(4) Our mechanical schemes are not nineteenth century as some
have argued, they are much older than that. We think the
revolution will be in two stages, the first will involve the destruction
of the capitalist system by the working class as it seizes production
(which it might do without even formulating a desire to do so.
Many factories will be occupied because many other factories are
occupied - we oppose to the 'consciousness' model, the virus
, to 'intent' we oppose infection - finally, objectively, always
mechanistic even if in every instance there are many motivations
and beliefs in play), the second stage of revolution will involve the
participation of all humanity in its becoming human.

No way out

It was not our intention to promote alternative to the
consciousness-raising model but we have met with such (willful)
incomprehension and misterpretation that we should conclude,
for the sake of good form, by stating our continued support for pro-
revolutionary positions and actions. It is absurd that we should
have to make this declaration, we should not be participating as we
do if we were against revolution. Vaguely, our intention is to talk to
those who are able to listen to us, we hope to influence only
those who are already pro-revolutionary, it is our hope that if we can
connect with anyone then our influence will help to curtail the
mystification that activists and experts promote. The specifics of
any particular action are dependent on ability to act and the
situation itself, this can be addressed in correspondence between
interested groups and individuals, we have no set formula as such
and we are prepared, much to the annoyance of activists, to
condone the strategy of doing nothing and disengagement.

Monsieur Dupont September 2001

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